Mom and Me Activities: Fun Ideas to Spend the Summer Days Together

With summer fast approaching and the days getting longer and hotter, chances are the kids and you will be spending quite a bit of time together, indoors. Here are some fun ideas to spend the summer days together, bonding and enjoying the season:

1. Host an Ice-Cream Play Date

Ooh, this should be a lot of fun. Gather your kids’ friends, put out some ice cream tubs in favorite flavors, cookies and cake slices, syrups and toppings and let them make their own sundaes and desserts. Yes, they will have a sugar high so you may want to plan some fun, energetic activities for afterwards.

2. Make a Summer Fun Collage Together

Stuck indoors because its too hot to go outside? Bring out those old magazines and cut out summer-themed pictures and then, make a huge collage. Preschoolers and kindergarteners can practice their cutting and pasting skills by doing most of the snipping and gluing independently but under your supervision.

3. Do a Summer Photo Shoot

When the temperatures aren’t soaring and you feel like heading out to the park or garden, carry your camera along and do a fun photo shoot. In fact, you can do this each time you’re outdoors and create a summer photo calendar, a photo book or again, a collage and have it framed. Check out Lifephoto, they’re offering a FREE photo calendar on their Facebook page!

In fact, this is a great idea to do indoors as well. Capture the ice cream play dates, the collage making, the reading sessions and the tickle fests on camera and relive the happy, sunny moments through the year.

4. Plant a Summer Garden

Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a yard, you can always plant a garden. Head to the nursery and pick summer plants that are relatively low maintenance and easy-to-take care of. Don a pair of gardening gloves and get digging and dirty. Kindergartners are especially fond of gardening because it lets them feel the soil and also, gives them a sense of responsibility. My daughter is extra particular about watering our few potted plants and making sure they’re clean and thriving.

Need some more ideas? Check out our last post on fun ideas for Mother’s Day. You can easily adapt them to any day of the year!

What fun mom and me activity ideas do you have for the summer?

Post by resident Potty Tots blogger and mama to a Potty Tots fan, Prerna Malik.

Photo Credit: Leonid Mamchenkov


About pottytots

I am a mom of three that was having quite a challenge potty training my third child. I tried everything from books on the market to bribing my little one. As a teacher, I knew that I should have something visual that a little one could understand, so I drew my first little potty chart with the 6 essential steps to potty training. When I made the little girl look just like my daughter, she LOVED it. Believing that learning should be FUN, I added some potty humor and some silly songs and we found a formula for success. When I started sharing this idea and making potty charts for friends and family, I knew we had a great idea for a potty training program that could help others. Potty Tots was born!
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