Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day: How to Feel Super Special as a Mom to a Preschooler

Yes, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably mom to a toddler or preschooler and chances are they wouldn’t know how to celebrate Mother’s Day without a little guidance from you.

So, here are some simple tips to feel super special this Mother’s Day:

1. Snuggle Up Together in the Morning

Let Mother’s Day start with a smile and snuggle up in bed with your little one. Tickle, kiss, or just snuggle. Breathe in that toddler smell and hold on to it. Best way to start your day, isn’t it?

 2. Have Pancakes (or Brownies) for Breakfast

Your littles may not be able to make and bring you breakfast in bed but you sure can whip up a special treat or two. Have whatever is your favorite food for breakfast. Pizza in the AM, anyone?

 3. Let Your Toddler Dress You Up

Ahh, now this should be fun. Ask your kids to pick out your outfit for the day. To be safe, give them a choice between two outfits you’ve already picked. Help them find accessories that match and if you’re brave enough, suggest a lip color as well.

 4. Make Little Love Notes for Each Other

Have fun painting or glueing together alphabets and heart signs to make little ‘I heart you’ notes that your toddler can then take in his back pack or lunch box during the week. You can put yours up on the family bulletin board, the mirror and your wallet. Yes, I totally do that!

5. Hug Often and Say ‘I love you’

Finally, what makes Mother’s Day super special is being loved by our little ones. So, during the day, no matter how busy or crazy it may be, stop every now and then, kneel down, look your little one in the eye and tell them how much you love them and hug them. Tight.

How will you be making Mother’s Day special for your toddler and you this year?

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