Summer Fun for Preschoolers: The Big List of Activities to Keep Toddlers Active and Engaged When Days are Hot

With the days getting longer and the sun getting hotter, chances are you have a bunch of kids at home wanting to ‘do something’ and not knowing what. Yes, the summer season can be a long one if you don’t have a lineup of activities to keep the little ones engaged and occupied so that you can get a meal made or a load of laundry done.
Here is a list of summer fun activities to keep preschoolers happy when days are hot:
1. Reading picture books.
2. Coloring books and printouts.
3. Sticker fun. Great way to make greeting cards for the whole family.
4. Craft activities. Need inspiration? Here’s a list of 30 craft sites filled with ideas!
5. Floating paper boats in the bathroom or kitchen sink.
6. Swimming sessions in an indoor pool.
7. Splash fest in the bath tub. Messy but lots of fun.
8. Make ice cream or ice lollies.
9. Make summer-themed sandwiches.
10. Baking cookies or cupcakes.
11. Decorating cookies or cupcakes.
12. Playing in the freshly washed and dried laundry and helping you sort after that.
13. Build pillow forts and castles.
14. Spray cleaning their toys with a spray bottle filled with clean, drinking water. Yes, my daughter loves this.
15. Pretend play.
16. Popcorn and movie afternoon.
17. Stargazing and moon watching.
18. Visit a friend or relative.
19. Write a letter to Grandma and Grandpa or a favorite aunt or uncle.
20. Visit the post office to send the letter and see how a post office works.
21. Have a picnic in your front lawn or backyard or the family room!
22. Stage a play. Tape it and then watch it together for some snuggle time and lots of giggles.
23. Visit the library.
24. Play board games, like Tumbling Monkeys or Hungry Hippos.
25. Sleep in late.

What are your plans for summer? Do you have some fun activities lined up for the little ones?
Share with us in the comments below or head over to the Potty Tots Facebook page and join in the discussion there.

Post by Prerna Malik, the resident Potty Tots blogger and mama to a Potty Tots fan.

Photo Credits:

Photo1 : madgerly

Photo 2: Eva Blue

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