Fun Chores for Preschoolers: How to Encourage Your Toddler to Help Around the House

We’ve been talking a lot about getting your little ones ready for preschool and making their first day at preschool tons of fun. So, naturally, now that they’re ready for more independence and responsibility, let’s see what chores can they help out with:

1. Toy Clean Up

One of the easiest and yet, most important ‘toddler’ chore that a preschooler can start helping out with is cleaning up after play time. Yes, deal with toy clutter by enlisting your toddler’s help. You can of course, help out but do more directing than actually helping. Tell your little one where to put the books, trucks and dolls. Make clean up time easy and fun by singing a fun song and by using picture or letter labels to indicate what goes where.

2. Laundry Sorting

Another fun chore is sorting the laundry. You’ll get some help and your preschooler will get number or color practice. You can give him the responsibility of sorting the different colored socks together or counting the number of tees while putting them aside.

In fact, if you line dry your laundry, you can ask your little helper to help you put the clothes out on the line or drying rack as well.

3. Laying the Table

Now, you don’t have to hand over your fine china or glassware to those chubby, little hands but you can certainly enlist their help in laying the spoons and cutlery out or unbreakable glasses on the table. Not only will your kids learn an important skill, they’ll also enjoy playing a part in the family meal.

Things to keep in mind when giving chores to toddlers:

  • Praise efforts and reward them occasionally. Rewarding every chore sets the wrong expectations.
  • You could, however, use a chore and reward chart where at the end of the week, you tally up the stars or stickers and let your toddler choose a reward.
  • Be patient. Your preschooler may struggle with sorting socks or may place the spoons and glasses the wrong way. That’s fine. It’s all part of the learning process. Correct but don’t criticize.
  •  Make it fun and not forced. The toddler years are years of learning, exploration and new found determination. Forcing a toddler to help you is not going to make either one of you happy. So, make chores fun and something that a preschooler will want to do, willingly.

What chores does your preschooler help you out with? How do you make it fun and interesting?

Post by Prerna Malik, the resident Potty Tots blogger and mama to a Potty Tots Fan.

Photo Credit: Abigail Batchelder

About pottytots

I am a mom of three that was having quite a challenge potty training my third child. I tried everything from books on the market to bribing my little one. As a teacher, I knew that I should have something visual that a little one could understand, so I drew my first little potty chart with the 6 essential steps to potty training. When I made the little girl look just like my daughter, she LOVED it. Believing that learning should be FUN, I added some potty humor and some silly songs and we found a formula for success. When I started sharing this idea and making potty charts for friends and family, I knew we had a great idea for a potty training program that could help others. Potty Tots was born!
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1 Response to Fun Chores for Preschoolers: How to Encourage Your Toddler to Help Around the House

  1. Great point on not over-rewarding for the sake of avoiding higher expectations. We stick to descriptive praise in our house and don’t equate chores with an actual reward like food, toys or treats. If anything he’ll get a high-five 🙂

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