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Toddlers and Praise and Rewards…Oh My!

The BEST motivator for a child is this sense of accomplishment and pride.  I remember each of my children seeking me out at award assemblies at school or looking back to see if I was watching when they were able to ride a bike.  Smiling ear to ear, so proud of what they had accomplished.   As a parent, the BEST REWARDS you can give your child are PRAISE and affection for every little success or a job well done. Continue reading

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Fun Chores for Preschoolers: How to Encourage Your Toddler to Help Around the House

We’ve been talking a lot about getting your little ones ready for preschool and making their first day at preschool tons of fun. So, naturally, now that they’re ready for more independence and responsibility, let’s see what chores can they … Continue reading

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