How to Make the 1st Day of Preschool Fun for Your Toddler

So, the big day is here. Your li’l one is ready for preschool. And YOU want to make sure that the first day is just perfect.

Here are some tips to help you make the first day of preschool fun for everyone:

1. Pack a Special Lunch

The night before, involve your child in making and packing lunch. Talk about how he’ll have it along with all his new friends. Pack a special treat along with the healthier options and let him know that its for his first day. Here are some really great 1st day of preschool lunch ideas.

2. Put a Love Note in the Backpack or Lunchbox

Write a special note for the li’l guy or girl and slip it into the backpack. Make it visual since that will be easy to understand. A simple drawing of a heart with his photo on the card will tell him that you love him. Print out some of these lovely lunch box love notes from Picklebums and add your own photos and images for your preschooler.

3. Drop Your Child to School

Yes, even if you’ve opted for the school bus, make sure you drop him to the class on the first day. Introduce him to his teacher, help him identify kids he may know from the neighborhood or help him find his locker or table, and basically, ease him into the class environment.

4. Talk Up Being at Preschool

On the drive to the preschool, talk it up. Don’t make it a fancy, magical place. But talk about how much fun she’ll have, the new friends she’ll meet and the activities that they’ll do. If she’d accompanied you to the preschool earlier and is familiar with it, help her recall the playground, the toys in the class or the books that she’d enjoyed looking at.

5. Make Saying Goodbye Easy

Finally, make saying goodbye easy on your little one. Don’t start crying yourself, else you can be sure of a meltdown. Instead, give him a hug and kiss, let him know that you’ll be there to pick him up and take the teacher’s cue to leave. Whatever you do, don’t slip out of the class without saying bye and don’t bring him out of the classroom to calm him down. Both these situations are bound to upset your child more than ever and make leaving very difficult for both of you. So, make saying goodbye easy by being loving yet firm.

The first day of preschool is an important milestone in a child’s life. Helping a child to get used to the idea of being away from mom, dad and the familiar environment of the home and instead, be surrounded by new faces needs patience, compassion and lots of love. Here are some more ideas on making the first day of preschool super-fun.

Meanwhile, do share what tips do YOU have for easing a child into preschool life?

Post by Prerna Malik, the resident Potty Tots blogger and mama to a Potty Tots Fan.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth/Table4Five

About pottytots

I am a mom of three that was having quite a challenge potty training my third child. I tried everything from books on the market to bribing my little one. As a teacher, I knew that I should have something visual that a little one could understand, so I drew my first little potty chart with the 6 essential steps to potty training. When I made the little girl look just like my daughter, she LOVED it. Believing that learning should be FUN, I added some potty humor and some silly songs and we found a formula for success. When I started sharing this idea and making potty charts for friends and family, I knew we had a great idea for a potty training program that could help others. Potty Tots was born!
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