5 Goals for Preschool Readiness: How to Know Your Toddler is Ready to be a Preschooler

The moment is bittersweet. It arrives all of a sudden. You’re not sure if you can deal with it. Yes, the time when your toddler gets ready for preschool is a major milestone for most parents.

How do you know that its time? How can you assess whether your little one is ready to be a part of a bigger world?

Here are 5 goals that can help you assess preschool readiness. Help your toddler shoot for these and you’ll know it is time to go looking for preschools:

1. Independence

Is your baby independent enough? Can she feed herself easily? Can he wash his hands on his own? Fostering independence in toddlers has many advantages and when you see that your baby is able to do quite a bit on his own, you can be fairly confident that he is ready for preschool.

2. Communication

Communication skills play an important role in assessing preschool readiness. A child who cannot communicate needs and wants clearly would find preschool life more difficult and challenging than one who can. So, if you feel that your li’l guy needs some more time to express his needs, hold off on the preschool application and instead, encourage him to talk and converse more with all of you at home.

3. Routines

Going to preschool means following a routine. Is your child capable of doing that? Do you have regular naptimes, bed and bath times or is everything unstructured and free-flowing? If preschool is on your agenda this year, then now is the time to start using a flexible yet structured routine for your toddler.

4. Social Skills

While preschools, themselves, are a great way to encourage socialization of toddlers, before you enroll your child, you need to assess whether he’s comfortable around strangers. Has he never spent time away from you? Or will the separation anxiety stress out both of you completely? If yes, you may want to start gently by leaving him in the care of a trusted friend or family member for short durations, before just leaving him at preschool.

Does he like working on projects on his own and can concentrate or focus on individual tasks? If so, he would be comfortable with preschool activities and would not find them difficult or challenging.

5. Potty-Training

Finally, most preschools require that children be potty-trained before they’re admitted. Not only is it easier for the school authorities, but it is much better for your child to be comfortable with using the potty on his own. It increases the sense of independence that young children value so much. So, make sure you’ve introduced the potty chair to your toddler before you fill out that preschool application.

Does your child go to preschool? How did you decide he was ready to be a preschooler?

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Post by Prerna Malik, the resident Potty Tots blogger and mama to a Potty Tots Fan.

About pottytots

I am a mom of three that was having quite a challenge potty training my third child. I tried everything from books on the market to bribing my little one. As a teacher, I knew that I should have something visual that a little one could understand, so I drew my first little potty chart with the 6 essential steps to potty training. When I made the little girl look just like my daughter, she LOVED it. Believing that learning should be FUN, I added some potty humor and some silly songs and we found a formula for success. When I started sharing this idea and making potty charts for friends and family, I knew we had a great idea for a potty training program that could help others. Potty Tots was born!
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